Top 5 Office Episodes Ranked

Our team is getting ready to fly out to Portland in the next couple of weeks for the 8th annual Rose City Comic Con. We are most excited about that fact that Kate Flannery, Leslie David Baker, and Oscar Nuñez all of The Office fame will be there. To get us excited for the convention, happening at the Oregon Convention Center September 13 - 15, we have ranked our top five episodes of The Office. (We’ve landed on the following after a heated discussion at our weekly staff meeting)


5. “Survivor Mar” Season 4, Episode 11

This episode has everything: Michael being abandoned in the woods with only duck tape and knife, drama with the Party Planning Committee, and Phyllis accidentally calling Jim Michael. This episode was also written by the one and only Steve Carell.


4. “Murder” Season 6, Episode 10

This episode of The Office has given us the best sound bite of all time. Oscar Nuñez saying “This plantation, we're running low on greenbacks. We're having problems paying the people who give us the seeds and the dirt” in a terrible Savannah accent might be one of the best moments of the show overall.


3. “The Injury” Season 2, Episode 12

Michael Scott burning his foot on his George Foreman Grill is enough to solidify this episodes rank, but this episode also give us Dwight’s getting a concussion on his way to help Michael and the beginnings of the adorable, yet confusing, friendship between Dwight and Pam. It is also amazing that BJ Novak can make it through this episode with a straight face. This episode was also written by one of our office idol’s Mindy Kaling.


2. “Office Olympics” Season 2, Episode 3

In this episode the whole cast really gets a chance to shine. Highlights from this early hit include, Michael buying a condo, several awkward interactions with his real estate agent Carol, (Played by Steve Carell’s wife!) “Dunderball” and gold medals made of yogurt lids.


1.“Dinner Party” Season 4, Episode 13.

There is simply no debating that this is the best The Office episode of all time. Jim and Pan get trapped into a dinner party that Andy, Angela, Dwight, and Dwight’s babysitter also attend. We get a sneak peak into the burgeoning Serenity by Jan candle business. Jim attempts to escape by claiming his apartment has flooded, someone throws a Dundie at the TV, and the cops are called. Peak cringe ensues!


If you disagree with our rankings, feel free to fight us in the comments, but first pick up your passes to 2019 Rose City Comic Con to meet some of these all-start actor in person.