You might have noticed that tomatoes tend to have their moment every summer.  Everyone has been gushing (pun intended) about the gorgeous garden plant this summer and we are here for it! So what makes summer #TomatoSzn? Let’s get back to basics:  the best time for planting tomatoes typically starts sometime in March, so when the summer months roll around we have a plethora of bright and juicy 🍅!

Still not convinced about #TomatoSzn? Need some extra fiber in your diet? Grab some tomatoes. Impress your friends at a dinner party? Heirloom tomatoes! Need a snack? Cherry tomatoes.

According to  ScienceTrends.com, the tomato is a “functional food,” meaning its consumption goes beyond basic nutrition. It has bioactive elements that may reduce the risk of certain types of cancers and degenerative diseases.  Quite simply, tomatoes are just a people-pleasing fruit (or vegetable). What’s not love about them? 

  • They elevate any type of dish! 

  • They come in all these different shapes and sizes. 

  • You can grill, sauté, boil, puree, fry, lightly season, etc and they’ll taste delicious. 

Below we shared some LRA approved recipes that you must try before summer is over: