Summer Beer Picks from Roofers Union's Dave Delaplaine

Nothing says summertime like a cold beer! We asked our favorite beer-expert--The RAMMY-nominated Dave Delaplaine of Roofers Union for his picks of the season. 

For when it's a beautiful spring day and you just need to sipping on something pretty:

Graft Cidery's "Fields & Flowers" with notes of apple cider, rose hips, hibiscus, rooibos, and pink sea salt (6.9%)

If you're still trying to hold onto the magic of spring and Cherry Blossom season, enjoy a beer to match. This cider is robustly floral with enough acidity on the back end to keep you wanting more (and more). If you are not familiar, Graft is an amazing cider house out of Newburgh, NY that takes a very craft beer approach to cider. You can't go wrong with any of their offerings but the Fields & Flowers is a can't miss.

A beer that will come and go fast this season:

Atlas Brew Works' "Ugly and Stoned" Stone Fruit Sour

This delicious DC sour has an awesome backstory. Atlas teams up with local grocer, MOMs to take fruit rejected due to aesthetic imperfections and turn it into beer. This brew drinks medium to full-bodied with a luscious acidity. You also get the added bonus of being good to the environment in the process.

Those hot and humid days when you just can't stop sweating: 

Union Craft's "Old Pro" Traditional Gose (4.2%)

Goses are the perfect style for the summer.  They are made with salt and usually drink briny and tart.  It's almost like you are replenishing your electrolytes on a sweaty day. Old Pro from Union Craft in Baltimore is the best one out there.  You should be able to find it in cans at most good bottle shops.

For when you're tired of tourists getting in the way:

Rocket Frog's "Angry, Angry Alice" Double IPA (8.4%)

Tourists are great for our city and bring a lot of life to our summers, but there definitely comes a point when you can get tired of the masses. So sip on something a little stronger like this double IPA.  Rocket Frog is a great new brewery out of Sterling, VA. The Angry Angry Alice has a great hop build with just enough malt. Taste the bitterness, be angry about everything...then have a second beer and you'll go back to loving thy neighbor!