It's Virgo Season! Your Guide to Surviving and THRIVING!

Image via  @beyonce

Image via @beyonce

LRA’s resident astrologer, Mikala, here with your guide to showing Virgo season who is boss! This season is ruled by order, calmness, and rationality. The LRA office is blessed with THREE Virgos who keep our office running like a tight ship with their energy focussed on pragmatism and success. (As a Sagittarius, I rely on them to keep me in check constantly!) Here are the four things you need to do to make the most of this celestial energy.

  1. Pick Your Virgo Fighter


Virgos make the best role models and guides to getting through all the difficult times in life. It’s time to harness your inner Virgo and shine. Some all time favorite Virgos include: Beyonce, Lea Michele, Twiggy, Karl Lagerfeld, Idris Elba, Ludacris, Freddie Mercury, Zendaya, and Amy Winehouse.

2. Tackle a Big Project

Virgos are known for being perfectionists, and now is the time to take a page from their book. This is the perfect season to tackle a big project to help you finish the year strong and prepare for the cooler months ahead. Marie Kondo your closet! Donate all those books collecting dust on your shelves! Obsessively organize your Spotify playlist! Make this the season you finally master the at home Gua Sha facial!


3. Set Some Healthy Boundaries

Virgos don’t have time for people that suck their precious energy and give nothing in return. This may be one of their most admirable traits. This season make like our favorite earth sign and set some healthy boundaries. Challenge yourself to express any concerns in difficult friendships, strengthen family ties, or make like Beyonce and tell a significant other who is not matching your energy “Boy Bye!“


4. Spread That Energy Around

Virgos are always the people that I turn to to help me a solve a problem. They always offer the soundest advice and are usually the first ones to express heartfelt gratitude. They are known to be excellent communicators and patient listeners. This season I challenge you to spread that energy around. Reach out to an old friend and let them know how much they mean to you. Mail out a hand written thank you note. Sprinkle positive energy everywhere you go!