5 Boss Babes to Channel this Libra Season

Libra season is here, and we need to live it up for all it’s worth because we all know that Scorpio season is waiting on the other side to try to throw us off our game. (Sorry Scorpios, take it as a complement that your energy is so powerful.)

Libras are known for being particularly charming, diplomatic, and persuasive. They have a knack for creating harmony in business and personal relationships. It’s no wonder they are natural empire creators and dominators in entertainment and sports arenas. In no particular order, these are the five Libras that we’re channeling for the kick-off of Autumn.

  1. Kim Kardashian West


Love her or hate her, KKW is the epitome of a boss Libra. She is a media mogul with diverse revenue steams that knows how to come out of most situations on top. Her natural libra ability to lead will one day have her take over as the Kardashian matriarch.

2. Serena Williams


Is there anything this woman can’t do? Serena is a tennis champion, fashion icon, mentor, pioneer, and she almost stole the spotlight from Beyonce her own music video. Her natural Libra gift for balance let’s her tackle her demanding tennis career, side-hustles galore, and motherhood all with grace and beauty!

3. Mitski


Mitski talked at length about her birth chart in a recent Pitchfork interview. She has all the indecisive traits of Libra, but that leads to such great creativity in her music and music videos. Those interested should also know her chart is filled with Capricorn and Scorpio.

4. Judge Judy


How fitting that the greatest TV judge of our time as the astrological sign of the balancing scales. Her charisma and charm set her up for a great career as a lawyer and an even better career as a TV personality. Catch us vibing on Judge Judy’s energy all fall.

5. Gywneth Paltow


All shade a Goop aside, GP is an undeniable Libra. A born-Libra-networker has extensive network across the Hollywood, beauty, wellness industries and beyond. She’s know for elegance and poise on the red carpet, but like most Libra’s she’s willing to poke a little fun at herself— see SNL sketch above. Like most Libras, she’s persuasive as all get out, that’s why you’ll catch me jade rolling away my stress and drinking ashwaganda tea on any given Tuesday.